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Working towards our goals with research

Our goals

The Dental Loop aims to apply classic and cutting-edge AI techniques to enhance diagnostic support and patient engagement in the field of dentistry. Our system is built upon a foundation of rigorous research, which you can explore in the referenced materials here.


We aim to empower dental professionals, whether experienced practitioners or recent graduates, with AI tools that facilitate effective treatment and the detection of anomalies within diagnostic data. At The Dental Loop, we are committed to sharing knowledge and providing free dental education to support the integration of AI and deep learning in modern dental practices and public dental systems.


For patients and the general public, The Dental Loop aims to offer a range of free benefits. You can access your dental records at any time, free of charge. Our AI-powered immediate support system enables you to schedule remote consultations, allowing the AI to assess your case and offer recommendations for maintaining optimal oral health until your next appointment. If your records raise concerns, the support system can promptly escalate the matter within the relevant practice, ensuring that you receive the attention you require. The support system can also assist you in finding the right practitioner for your specific needs and, if desired, schedule an appointment, all while maintaining an intelligent priority list.


The ultimate goal is to alleviate the strain on public dental healthcare systems, reduce wait times to receive dental treatment, and provide convenient access to tailored private dental care alternatives that suit the individual's unique circumstances. 

Our Research on Jaw Movement Analysis

Jaw movement banner.jpg

Our Research on Dental Radiology


Our Research on Caries and Restorative Dentistry

Dental Loop CAST graphical abstract.jpg

Our Research on Dental 3D prosthetic design

Figure. Tooth Segmentation from 3D model. Frontal View.jpg

Our Research on Large Language Models and Multimodality

LLM sample.png
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